Guangmei Jing1 Yongtao Hu1 Yanwen Guo2 Yizhou Yu1 Wenping Wang1

1 The University of Hong Kong, Hong Kong      2 Nanjing University, Nanjing, China

IEEE Transactions on Multimedia (IEEE TMM 2015)


We introduce in this paper a new approach that conveniently converts conversational videos into comics with manga-style layout. With our approach, the manga-style layout of a comic page is achieved in a content-driven manner, and the main components, including panels and word balloons, that constitute a visually pleasing comic page are intelligently organized. Our approach extracts key frames on speakers by using a speaker detection technique such that word balloons can be placed near the corresponding speakers. We qualitatively measure the information contained in a comic page. With the initial layout automatically determined, the final comic page is obtained by maximizing such a measure and optimizing the parameters relating to the optimal display of comics. An efficient Markov chain Monte Carlo sampling algorithm is designed for the optimization. Our user study demonstrates that users much prefer our manga-style comics to purely Western style comics. Extensive experiments and comparisons against previous work also verify the effectiveness of our approach.



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